Custom Built

You deserve the best quality components in your gear. Most mass production tube amps use low quality parts from Asia, I don't. You will get Switchcraft, Sprague, CTS and Classic Tone parts cuz they just sound better and last longer

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Repairing tube amplifiers is how I started in this business.  Too many of my friends had tube amps in need of repair with nowhere to take it without pawning their '57 Strat or waiting months for the work to complete. I do it fast and under budget.

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I have never met a player who wouldn't like their amp to sound a little bit better. I have modified Blues Juniors, Deluxe Reverbs, Princeton Reverbs, Bandmaster Reverbs. Whether an Original or Reissue every one can use a little tweak.

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Why a Tube Amp?

They're expensive, heavy and need periodic maintenance. Every Solid State guitar amp I have heard lately has some gimmick to try and sound like a tube amp. They never do and they never will.

Besides, you have more than one guitar right? The tone and attack in tube amps are unique, one amp will never capture everything.

I have worked on 60 year old tube amps and with a little TLC they sound better than ever. I have built Tweed amps using current high end parts and off the shelf tubes and they get rave reviews.  My builds are surprisingly affordable and are a great value when you consider a mass produced amp is costlier and uses inferior parts.

Play one of mine and be amazed!

Next Steps...

Whether you are in search for a new amp, modifying your favorite, need a repair or just need new tubes and a bias, contact me for a quote.

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