MODIFY IT  With a little bit of effort these affordable bedroom amps become tone king gigging machines.

Fender Blues Jr. Modifications
1. Remove "Fender Sparkle Mod"
2. All 2001-2010 mods

2001-2010 MIM
1. Standby Switch
2. Metal input jack
3. Twin Stack mod
4. Tone Stack mod
5. Orange drop coupling caps
6. Bias Pot
7. Power supply stiffening cap
8. Oscillation cap

1993 - 2000 USA Models
All mods above and
1. Bass pot change
2. Reverb fix

1. All control pots converted to Alpha Metal Shaft
2. 6 - screw mount CH Knobs

Must Have Speakers
Weber 12F150 50W
Jensen C12N 50W
Celestion G12 65W
Warehouse ET65 65W
Eminence GA-SC64 40W

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