I have had the privilege to work on the guitars and amps of some great (and kind) Cape Cod  musicians. Here are just a few:

Aaron Mayo
Aaron Norcross Jr.
Alex Howes
Alicia Mathewson
Bert Jackson
Billy Kwaak
Brian Lawlor
Brian Sances
Bruce Maclean
Chris Pace
Craig Cooke
David Harmon
Dennis Angelo
Gary Lamb
Jennifer Youngs
John Capezzuto
Kathleen Healy
Kemp Parker
Kim Moberg
Larry Grab
Liam Hogg
Marc Grab
Mathias Bossi
Noah Pelty
Patty Larkin
Rand Burkert
Randy Gummow
Randy Patterson
Rick Barry
Roe Osborn
Roland Blair
Sarah Swain
Shred Hathorne
Steve Morgan
Steve Restano
Susan Goldberg
Tad Price
Ted Noyes